Dr. Jay Banks



• Ph.D. in Education - Professional Studies in Education
• Masters in Curriculum & Instructional Technology
• Bachelor of Science in Education


• Appeared on Nickelodeon, Hallmark Channel, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and many local syndicates
• Written with Disney Productions
• Music video "E-I-O My Goodness" won a Prova Gold Award for "Best Production"
• Former songwriter with A&M Records, Jay wrote the come-back single,"C.J.'S Song" for "Little Eva"
• Presenting over 40 years in 45 states


• "I AM UNAFRAID Self-empowering, Research-based, Anti-bully Series". 2015, Hardback print. Available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Amazon.com
• "Elementary and middle school bullying: A Delphi analysis of successful prevention programming". Capella University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2011

  • “I like Jay’s style. He says that kids are like cars; they show up at the program with their windows up. He gets them laughing their heads off! Humor rolls the windows down.” TIMBERLY WHITFIELD – TV HOST, HALLMARK CHANNEL – STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA
  • “Dr. Banks’ presentation is a mix of entertainment and education through a high energy, multi-talented performance. Every child and every adult became involved!” SUSIE TURNER – PRINCIPAL, WATT HARDISON ELEMENTARY – PORTLAND, TENNESSEE
  • “I was amazed at Dr. Banks’ insight and humor as well as his ability to reach diverse audiences. His wit is a joy to experience and to learn from. He asks profound questions pertaining to the topics being covered. He shares his heritage as well as involving his audiences in the program. All of these activities testify to Dr. Banks’ value of learning and ability to communicate.” DR. MIKE HENRY – DIRECTOR OF STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES, SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE – RICHLANDS, VIRGINIA
  • “Jay’s unique personality can make children and adults, laugh and learn in the same program. Exceptional!” PHIL CARD – ACTOR, WRITER, PRODUCER, WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS/EPCOT ENTERTAINMENT – ORLANDO, FLORIDA
  • Dr. Banks is energetic, entertaining and very knowledgeable about successful strategies to deal with various subjects. He brings the latest research-based programming – exactly what we needed!” LARRY SNELLING – SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS – BURNEY, CALIFORNIA

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