Diversity & inclusion. Jesus talked about it, demonstrated it, suffered because of it, and died for it. And there's more to it than the "Golden Rule" which came from "Love your neighbor as yourself". According to research, there's a psychological connection between a person’s self-concept and their concept of others. Add to that the rich spiritual implications as well as applications, there are no gray diversity & inclusion areas.

Since we know feelings always follow thoughts, it’s crucial that our family and community learn these messages. We can feel the connection between “our self” and “our neighbor” with this endearing resolution.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, but YOU WON'T GO HOME THE SAME!


Psalm 20:4 says, “May God give you the desires of your heart.”

From that psalm we focus on four transformative, non-negotiable elements which ultimately determine outcomes, be it sports, jobs, relationships -- life. GOD, wants to give YOU, the DESIRES, of your HEART! This is not one of those "believe it and achieve it" pep talks. This is straight-up WORD OF GOD application! Along with high-energy musical engagement and side-splitting comedy, audiences leave knowing the verse, and knowing what it means.

Entertaining, engaging, family-oriented, hilarious, thought-provoking and inspiring are the comments we hear about this presentation. Perfect for youth rallies, family presentations, and high energy programs.

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