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This is what you’ll see at a Jay Banks presentation…


An interactive activity melded with comedy and sometimes with music to grab the attention of the audience to begin thinking, This is going to be ENTERTAINING”


Building community by engaging the group through activity and instruction of individuals on stage, encouraging the audience to begin thinking, This requires my ENGAGEMENT as a member of the community”


Giving specific information (education) about the program theme through story telling and object lessons, encouraging the audience to think, This is EDUCATION I need”


Specifically applying the program theme by reviewing the performance and non-performance content, encouraging the audience to respond with, I can EXECUTE these ideas and methods”

In A Nutshell…

…when they LAUGH, they LISTEN; when they listen, they LEARN!  Jay’s high energy mix of music, slapstick comedy and relevant message is sure to captivate both child and adult.  His programs address tough issues that are faced by our nation every day: anti-bullying, substance abuse, self-awareness and self-esteem, respect, responsibility and integrity (character education) to name a few.  These issues are tackled in such a way that participants leave the assemblies describing the experience as electric, upbeat, intriguing, engaging, inspiring, meaningful, and transforming.

Current Assemblies & Presentations

If you’re looking for a school assembly or a special presentation (e.g. family program, teacher in-service, professional development, church event) Jay Banks Productions has many and diverse programs that should satisfy your needs.  Those programs include an anti-bullying assembly, drug awareness assembly, character education assembly, reading assembly, test-taking assembly, motivational presentation, behavior management presentation, leadership presentation, family presentation and an Upwards presentation.  PLUS…if you don’t see a theme that completely satisfies your specific needs, contact Jay…he will work with you and your organization to fashion special needs or specific emphasis.


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About Us

Dr. Jay Banks has been making his mark in the hearts and minds of individuals for over 30 years and across 45 states, performing thousands of programs. He is a credentialed expert on bullying & anti-bullying programming, and is currently in demand for schools, universities, youth & special needs camps, rehabilitation & detention centers, festivals, conventions, churches and social organizations.  Check out the many and diverse Assemblies & Programs available.


From an EDUCATIONAL standpoint, every presentation has been developed to illuminate the latest research-based ideologies and methodologies assuring maximum impact. From an ENTERTAINMENT standpoint...check out the News Clips & Videos, and the Credentials & References and see for yourself!

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