Acceptance and cultural proficiency. When you Google "cultural proficiency", one of the definitions you'll get is, "Cultural Proficiency is the set of values and behaviors in an individual, or the set of policies and practices in an organization, that create the appropriate mindset and approach to effectively responding to the issues caused by diversity" (Corwin). And it's more than just reminding children of the "Golden Rule". Matter of fact, a study of the "Golden Rule" reveals it was derived from "Love your neighbor as yourself". According to research, there's a psychological connection between a person’s self-concept and their concept of others. Hearty and diverse relationships are attributed to a wholesome self-image.

Since we know feelings always follow thoughts, it’s crucial that elementary and middle school students are taught these messages so they can feel the connection between “their self” and “their neighbor” with an endearing resolution to acceptance and cultural proficiency. THIS is the endearing theme and motivating principle that can change the culture of our schools, and ultimately our communities. This program is poised to help YOUR school and community. You can be sure...they'll laugh, they'll cry, but THEY WON'T GO HOME THE SAME!

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