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A recent study reflected the urgency of appropriate action by schools to “…identify, classify, and prioritize the components of bullying prevention programs in an effort to empower educators to reduce the frequency, severity, and pervasive nature of bullying in elementary through middle-school-aged students” (Banks, 2011, p.59).  “I Am Unafraid” has been specifically designed via current research to successfully empower students, teachers, and parents.  How successful has it been?  Global studies suggest a 50% REDUCTION IN BULLYING INCIDENCES (DiBasilio, 2008; Packman, Lepkowski, Overton, & Smaby, 2005; Olweus, 1993).  Contact us…we’ll help your school set up an anti-bullying program that works!

Got a limited budget? Need a research-validated, anti-bullying program that reduces bullying by an average of 50%? Want more information?  Contact us today.



The “I Am Unafraid” anti-bullying program takes the best practices and elements of our STAMP Out Bullying program and frames them in a more positive platform that is consistent with Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) . Those self-empowerment, research-validated, anti-bullying elements are;



A – Avoid bullies

F – Find a friend

R – Report bullying

A – Act confident



The presentation utilizes comedy, music & story-telling entertainment, and research-validated application interaction & engagement education. Since research suggests that bullying begins in elementary school and peaks in middle school, we have age-appropriate  [elementary through middle school]  presentations. In addition, we have developed the “I Am Unafraid” anti-bullying curriculum. Kindergarten through 5th graders will sing the songs, dance along, and be captivated by the music videos, video books, worksheets and lesson plans, set in CD & DVD presentations. Plus, supporting resources include wristbands, stickers, posters, banners, t-shirts, lanyards and many free supports including P.R.T.S. (Parent Pages, Resource References, Teacher Talk, Student Sheets). See samples at IAmUnafraid.com.



A nonprofit organization “Motivating individuals to develop good moral character as a means of creating a compassionate and responsible society.”

About Us

Dr. Jay Banks has been making his mark in the hearts and minds of individuals for over 30 years and across 45 states, performing thousands of programs. He is a credentialed expert on bullying & anti-bullying programming, and is currently in demand for schools, universities, youth & special needs camps, rehabilitation & detention centers, festivals, conventions, churches and social organizations.  Check out the many and diverse Assemblies & Programs available.


From an EDUCATIONAL standpoint, every presentation has been developed to illuminate the latest research-based ideologies and methodologies assuring maximum impact. From an ENTERTAINMENT standpoint...check out the News Clips & Videos, and the Credentials & References and see for yourself!

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